Adjust TVET curriculum to fit industry need and standards

Nana Dr John Sylvester Boafo, former Principal of the Takoradi Technical Institute, has called for a revision of the curriculum of Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) to fit into the modern environment as well as the standards of industries.

Nana Dr Boafo who is also a former member of the Council for National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NABPTEX), said the curriculum when adjusted should use industry experts on a regular basis in the lecture halls as well as allow them to give tutorials on what was really required on the job market.

He made the contribution at the first annual ‘Developing Industry Standards Conference’ organised by the Western Region Coastal Foundation (WRCF) in collaboration with NABPTEX at Takoradi in the Western Region.

The conference, which had the attention of industries, academia, private and government institutions, was under the theme:”Developing skills and Standards for Industry” and sought to close the gap between the extractive industries and the training institutions.

Nana Dr Boafo said it was important for industry and Technical and Vocational Education Training institutions to work hand-in-hand to help develop talents for the extractive sector and industries in particular.

Professor Mahama Duwiajua, a lecturer at the University of Ghana, encouraged NABPTEX to live up to their responsibility of ensuring that best industrial practices and standards were in existence to create standards in TVET.

He added that Technical and Vocational Training was the answer to the unemployment rate in the county and that failure to revive the TVET was to leave the youths to wallow in unemployment.

Mrs Mawusi Nudekor, Executive Director of National Vocational Training Institute, stressed the need for perception change about TVET, “Technical and Vocational institute are not for riff rafts, but for people with passion to make a change in society”.


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