Adidome SHS lacks facilities for visually impaired students

The Lack of a permanent and standard resource centre for visually impaired students at the Adidome Senior High School (SHS) in the Central Tongu District, is seriously undermining their course work.

The headmaster, Mr E. K. Avor, said in an interview with The Ghanaian Times at Adidome on Tuesday that the school had 23 visually impaired students, including nine girls, who attended classes with the other able-bodied students.

He said that the visually impaired students needed a resource centre for their Braille materials such CCTVs, and special typewriters and other machines to do their practical work.

“Those machines cannot be installed in the classrooms”, Mr Avor said.

He said a small room attached to the science laboratory was being used as improvised resource centre for the visually impaired students, and that was not helping matters.

When The Ghanaian Times was conducted round the school by the headmaster, one of the visually impaired students, Collins Lotsu, 21, was spotted outside the veranda in front of the interim resource centre learning.

Collins, who earlier appealed through The Ghanaian Times to corporate bodies to come to the aid of the visually impaired students at the school and to help provide a proper resource centre for them said that: “we are still waiting for their response”.

The headmaster said that he Adidome Senior High School was on record for its commitment to the wellbeing of visually impaired students by helping them to achieve their academic and intellectual goals.

“So, we need the appropriate equipment and facilities to pursue that objective and more students who have that challenge”, said Mr Avor.

From Alberto Mario Noretti,

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