Adentan residents cautioned not to build in waterways

The Adentan Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Mr. Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Aduamuah has cautioned residents who have built in waterways “to begin pulling down their buildings”.

He said, “This year the assembly will not entertain residents who have built in waterways and creating problems for other residents within the municipality.”

Speaking during an inspection tour of development projects in the municipality, Mr. Adumuah said that, the assembly would be proactive in dealing with residents who flouted the law.

He said the assembly would scrutinise every building that springs up within the municipality as well as those that had been built already and impeding the flow of water.

“This year we shall not be friendly with people, law must work,whoever does not have a permit and is building in a waterway, we would move in as quickly as you can to pull it down,” he said.

The team toured Nanakrom where a 25 meters long footbridge was under construction which is expected to be completed within six weeks.

The footbridge is designed to be disabled friendly and to give relief to residents within the area.

At Commandos, the MCE and his team were confronted by residents who believed the MCE was there to cut sod for the construction of a road.

They had gathered in an attempt to attack the MCE and prevent him from cutting the sod but Mr. Adumuah explained to them that he was in the area to see how best they could solve the problem created by residents who had built in waterways.

It was also observed that, in an attempt to solve the problem created, residents had built a culvert that who higher than the required height and the water could not flow through the culvert.

This has created a pool of water in the middle of the road, making it difficult for drivers and other road users within the area to ply the road.

The MCE said, it was unfortunate residents refused to acknowledge that they were the cause of the perennial flooding in the area whenever it rains.

He said the activities of residents at Commodos had created problem for people upstream adding that “from 2019 we shall not entertain such misbehaviour from residents, the water has to have its way”.

The MCE, therefore, cautioned residents who have built in waterways to begin pulling them down before the assembly takes action against them.


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