ADB staff declare sit-down strike

•  Mr. Stephen Kpodzih

• Mr. Stephen Kpodzih

WORKERS of the ADB have declared a sit-down strike starting today.

The Times intercepted a message being circulated via social media by the Professional and Managerial Staff Union (PMSU) and the Local Union to the workers last night, urging them to embark on the action.

It read: “Good evening comrades, the hour is here, the time is NOW. With regard to the Board and Managing Director’s refusal to step aside for a proper examination of issues of gross incompetence and corruption raised by the joint unions and the failure of the appointing authorities to nominate external investigators to support the BoG to unravel the truth, we hereby declare a sit-down protest starting on the 28th of May 2015 till our shareholders do the needful. Gird your loins and be strong. We will be victorious because TRUTH always prevails.”

It issued guidelines for the workers to follow:

  1. Do NOT open the strong room, to protect our cash.
  2. Do NOT open the front doors to minimise agitation from customers.
  3. Do NOT log in to your machines and systems.
  4. Communication will be via social media.
  5. All external communication will be handled by the UNICOF Executive.
  6. Be rest assured that the laws of our motherland allow us to protest when we are displeased with issues.
  7. Kindly be in your red arm bands and ties, maintain your composure and discipline

God bless us all as we stand for FREEDOM & JUSTICE.

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