Adaklu MP to commit more resources to education

Mr Agbodza

Mr Agbodza

The MP for Adaklu, Mr. Governs Kwame Agbodza has said that he would commit greater resources towards the revival of interest in education among young people in the constituency when re-elected.

“Our BECE results have been appalling in recent time and we need to reverse that trend as a matter of urgency”, he said in an interview in Accra last week.

Mr Agbodza, a seasoned architect, stated that the creation of the Adaklu District out of the Adaklu-Nyigbe District was an opportunity for the people of Adaklu to pursue their unique aspirations and move ahead with common development agenda.

Apart from that, he observed that it was time the people of Adaklu rebranded their district into a place of greater prominence in national affairs.

“This is more so when we take into account the fact that more than 94 per cent of our registered voters turned up at the polls in the last general elections,” he maintained.

According to Mr Agbodza, the campaign to revive interest education in the district would be supported vigorously by the mass media, adding that a community radio at Adaklu-Waya was due to be opened soon to give prominent air time to education and health programmes.

Meanwhile, the MP said that work had been completed on 14 basic schools in the district in the past two years, while seven more would soon be commissioned.

“Now, we have a Home Economics department at the Adaklu Secondary School at Waya, while the Adaklu Secondary Technical School is also set to take off,” he added.

On agriculture, he said a tractor had been provided to help farmers to plough their fields a moderate cost, while each of the 70 Adaklu communities had been provided with sprayers for use on the farms, on request.

By Alberto Mario Noretti

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