Adaklu Mountain ‘explodes’

Adaklu Mountain

Adaklu Mountain

The gigantic rocks on the Adaklu Mountain, the tallest free-standing mountain in the country, exploded and sent fragments and mud waters running down the slope, last week Sunday.

The phenomenon, which lasted for about 15 minutes in the wake of a thunder storm, has thrown the community of Helekpe at the foot of the mountain into a state of fear and anxiety.

The vestiges from the smashed rocks have buried vast farm lands on the slope of the mountain, raising high the possibility of an imminent food crisis in the affected area.

The incident was reported to the Ghanaian Times by the Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa, prompting this reporter to tour the village and the mountain.

The hike on the mountain revealed that the fertile farm lands had suddenly turned into bare fields with no crops in sight.

The running boulders also created vast tracks of ‘roads’ on the slopes, but there was no casualty.

The local tour guide, Winfred Ankrah Mensah, acted swiftly to pull out this reporter to safety when his foot began sinking in the mud beneath part of the plain fields created by the explosion.

The chief of Helekpe, Togbe Krakani IV, and his elders believe that the rain storm was not the cause of the ‘anger of the rocks,’ but rather the result of a huge reservoir of water, which finally burst through the rocks on the 700-metre mountain.

“We saw the water shooting out from the slopes and running down furiously, and this is something we have never seen before,” Togbe Krakani told the Ghanaian Times.

The mountain, the pride of Helekpe, which for centuries had been the source of food and recreation for the people, is now a symbol of terror.

“We do not know if this is an early warning for greater destruction from the mountain,” Togbe Krakani stated.

Meanwhile, the chiefs and elders have placed an interim ban on all farming and hiking activities on the mountain, a move the regional minister has endorsed.

Dr. Letsa said that the Ghana Geological Survey Department would carry out a detailed study on the area as soon as possible.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Adaklu-Adaklu


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