Adaklu IPDC advocates transition teams at district levels

Members of the Adaklu Inter Party Dialogue Committee (IPDC) have suggested the formation of transition teams at district levels to ensure proper accountability of metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives before they exit office.

They said the current arrangement where directives are issued for such appointees to hand over to coordinating directors was inadequate for the smooth transition and probity at the district level.

These sentiments were expressed during a 2016 general election review meeting of the district IPDC at Adaklu Waya in the Volta Region on Wednesday.

It was organised by Socioserve Ghana, GLOWA and DeGain, both non governmental organisations in collaboration with the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE); and sponsored by the European Union (EU).

They suggested the institution of a bi- partisan team to supervise the hand-over in order to avert any ineptitude that may emerge thereafter.

The Adaklu IPDC was grateful to SOCIOSERVE-Ghana and the NCCE for their invaluable contributions in ensuring peace before, during and after the 2016 general elections.

A principal civic education officer of the NCCE Togbe Asamoah IV, said it was important for IPDC members to always deliberate on issues that might degenerate into conflicts and  nip them in the bud before they escalate.

John Obuaba of Socioserve Ghana explained the importance of post-election review and suggested that after every election, there should be recommendations on the bad practices exhibited during the election process and commend on the good practices as well.

He later presented a citation to all political parties and the IPDC for their contributions towards the peace in the Adaklu Constituency.

By Lawrence Vomafa-Akpalu

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