Acute water shortage hits Yendi Municipality



AN acute water shortage has hit the Yendi Municipality and its surrounding communities, compelling residents to compete with animals for water from streams and other sources.

A visit by The Ghanaian Times to Yendi municipality at the weekend, revealed that taps in the area had not been running for the past three months.

River Daker, the only source of water in the municipality, is almost dried up and animals and residents compete for the little water left in it.

According to the residents, the water crisis was not only affecting businesses in the municipality but could also result in outbreak of water-borne diseases as people were compelled to drink unsafe water.

Mr. Suleman Abdulai, a resident of Yendi, told The Ghanaian Times that people of the area were now travelling between 16 and 24 kilomtres for water.

He lamented that many of the students, particularly those in the Junior High Schools, were not attending classes due to the water scarcity.

Mr. Abdulai also revealed that most government workers in the municipality had abandoned work and rather used official vehicles to search for water in nearby communities.

Madam Ayishetu Ibrahim told The Ghanaian Times that a gallon of water which used to sell at five pesewas, was currently selling at between four and five Ghana cedis.

According to her, tractor operators in the municipality had taken advantage of the situation and were supplying water to residents at exorbitant prices.

Amin Adam, a spokesperson of the Concerned Citizens of Yendi, appealed to government to address the situation, adding that the acute water crisis could worsen the poverty situation in the area.

He feared that the kind of water some residents were drinking could affect their health.

From Yakubu Abdul-Majeed, Yendi.

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