Actress Kafui Danku displays baby on social media

Actress, movie producer and author Kafui Danku has delivered a bouncy baby boy; using her social media platform to confirm the birth and showing a picture of her rounded belly.

Expressing her joy with the caption: “It was a very long, tiring, challenging and revealing journey, and once again, MAWU SOGBILISA changed the story to his glory. It has happened, on time, in time, in his time. Another warrior is born!’’

The actress shared her experiences of her second pregnancy with her fans, where she went into details of having  nightmares, sleep deprivations or too much sleep, but her scariest nightmare, she said, was when she dreamt of having intimacy with a ‘strange man’.

She mentioned that she fasted and prayed after having the dream, and went on with her normal duties without any fear and God ended up making her deliver her son Titan successfully.

Kafui Danku is popularly known for her roles in movies like ‘Any Other Monday,’ ‘Alvina’, ‘Thunder and lighten’, ‘I do’ and ‘4play’ among others.

 She won the 2013 edition of the City People Movie award for best supporting actress of the year and is married to a Canadian.

The couple already have a daughter called Lorde.

She is the author of the book titled ‘Silence is not Golden’.


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