Accused wanted to kill me – Akua Donkor tells court



Madam Akua Donkor, Founder and Leader of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), yesterday told the Accra Circuit Court “One” during cross-examination that the accused, who robbed her last year, wanted to send her to the Achimota Forest and kill her there.

But, she was only saved by insisting that her driver should take a different route to the Kotoka International Airport.

Four persons including the personal driver of Madam Akua Donkor and the Central Regional Chairman of her party are in court for allegedly robbing her of US$30,000.00, GH¢3,000.00, a Ghanaian passport, a plane ticket and a voter’s ID card in December 10, 2016, at about 2:30am at Sowutuom in the Greater Accra Region, at gunpoint, when she was on her way to the airport to travelto America.

The accused are, Yakubu Usif, trader and Central Regional Chairman of  GFP, Barnabas Kayase, driver, Opoku Agyemang, trader, and Abdul Razak Shaibu,a member of the GPRTU taskforce.

Mr. Abraham Amaliba, a lawyer of the first accused, Yakubu Yusif and fourth accused, Abdul Razak Shaibu, did not get it easy with the politician during the cross-examination.
Mr. Amaliba: Madam Akua Donkor, the first accused is your party Chairman in Cape Coast.
Madam Akua Donkor: No, he is not my Chairman.  He voted for the National Democratic Congress (NDC).
Mr. Amaliba: “Now, this US$30,000.00 where did you get it?
Madam Akua Donkor:  Ah! This lawyer is lucky that the judge has cautioned me not to
be rude in court because he (lawyer) is doing his work otherwise I would have told him something today.  This attracted laugher in the court room.
The judge, Mr. Aboagye Tandoh, cautioned Madam Akua Donkor not to be antagonistic towards Mr. Amaliba.
Mr. Amaliba:  How did the first accused (A 1) join you in your car while you were in town that day?
Madam Akua Donkor:  All the four persons are a group and it was Barnabas (second accused) who brought him. Barnabas is one of the NDC communicators.
Mr. Amaliba: I am putting it to you that the facts of this case indicate that the first accused (Yakubu Yusif) is the Central Regional Chairman of your party.
Madam Akua Donkor:  It is not true.
Mr. Amaliba: Are you telling this court that the first accused joined your car without your consent?
Madam Akua Donkor: Barnabas came with him to see me off the airport.
Mr. Amaliba: Did you know the first accused before the day of the incident?
Madam Akua Donkor: Yes I knew him earlier because anytime we went to Cape Coast Barnabas (second accused) called him (first accused).
Mr. Amaliba: Now, does Barnabas hold a position in your party?
Madam Akua Donkor: No.
Mr. Amaliba:  I am also putting it to you that you invited the first accused to see you off to the airport as your Central Regional Chairman.
Madam Akua Donkor: It is not true.
Mr. Amaliba: You told this court that the first accused was present when you changed cedis to dollars.
Madam Akua Donkor:  No. It was Barnabas (second accused) who was present and informed the first accused of the transaction.
Mr. Amaliba: Where did you change the money?
Madam Akua Donkor: I changed it at the black market.
Mr. Amaliba:  Which area?
Madam Akua Donkor:  I cannot tell.  The black market people are not stationed at one place.

Mr. Amaliba: Akua Donkor, I am putting it to you that you did not change the cedis at the black market, that is why you cannot pinpoint the exact place.
Madam Akua Donkor:  It is not true.
Mr. Amaliba: You are not candid with the court.
Madam Akua Donkor: I am a Roman Catholic and would not tell lies before this court.
The case was adjourned to today for continuation of the cross-examination.

By Castro Zangina-Tong    

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