Accra Technical Varsity launches electronic communication programmes

Prof Edmund Ameko,Acting Vice Chancellor, ATU

Prof Edmund Ameko,Acting Vice Chancellor, ATU

Mr Sylvester Hatsu, Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of ICT at the Accra Technical University has cautioned the public to be careful about the alarming nature of cyber crime in Ghana.

He said this at the official launch of the Elearnity Seminar, Estylo, Smart Models and Elad electronic communication learning programmes.

According to Mr Hatsu, the statistics in Ghana about cyber crime was a worry.

He noted that, the economy lost a total of US$ 50 million to cyber crime in the year 2016 and the prevalent rate of cyber crime cases may be worse than previous years.

He added that African countries lost a combined of US$ 895 million to the menace which comprise an indirect loss of US$ 358 million.

Mr Hatsu recalled that most people fear to get on social networks due to hacking of accounts.

He advised the public to be careful about hackers since they have various methods of deceiving individuals to take monies from them.

Mr Hatsu explained that phishing is a type of strategy hackers use to get into people’s account.

He said phishing mostly came in a form of receiving annoying emails from supposed relatives who were stranded and needed immediate help.

He disclosed that, about 90 per cent of most emails were all spam while 77 per cent represents phishing of all social bases attacks.

He advised the public not to put confidential documents on USB instead use drive encryption on your laptop.

Mr Yaw Gyau Odame in a presentation said, e-learning is an essential tool for both lecturers and students to help and equip them in the effectiveness and efficiency of educational interventions in the face of social, scientific and academic challenges.

He told the Ghanaian Times, he had recognised that students who had blog sites were more comfortable with lecturers who use blogging as an e-learning tool for teaching and learning.

Mr Gyau said blog site influences the career development of students from communication training institutes and charged every communication student to create a blog.

By Alfred Nii Arday Ankrah





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