Accra Senior High School launches 95th anniversary celebrations

Mr Kofi Duffour(right), launching the anniversary programme

Mr Kofi Duffour(right), launching the anniversary programme

The 95th Anniversary Celebrations and Speech and Prize Giving Day of the Accra Senior High School has been launched in Accra.

The event under the theme ‘‘Accra High School@ 95, Mitigating the challenges to education the role of stakeholders’’, was also used to launch the centenary celebrations of the school.

The event will be climaxed with a durbar on Saturday, November 24th, 2018.

Other activities includes, health walks, fun fairs, lectures and other sporting activities.

The National President of the Accra High Old Student Association (AHISCO), Mr Kofi Duffour appealed to members to support management to help change the face of the school.

According to him the major challenge of the school was limited infrastructure adding that improving the structures would greatly enhance the academic performance of the school.

He urged the association to build ultra modern facilities to address this challenge.

‘‘Few years to come, we are going to give you an Information and Communication and Technology (ICT) Centre and also renovate the multipurpose assembly hall to an ultra modern assembly hall”, he said.

Mr Duffour charged the students to take their studies seriously since their parents have heavily invested in them.

‘‘Education is an investment and anyone who appreciates that expect returns adding that,” If returns would be good, the results must be better”. He emphasised.

Mr Emmanuel Kobina Baidoo, Headmaster of the school, said the free Senior High School was the best intervention and urged parents and other stakeholders to play a major role in making it a success.

‘‘I believe this is one of the best interventions that has happened to the country so far as education is concerned.  Parents and other stakeholders should not sit on the fence and expect the government to do everything for them, it is about time all of us put our resources together to make sure our children and student have the best of education so that they can make Ghana a better country”, he added.

By Abeduwaa Lucy Appiah


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