Accra Police Command fortifies cells to avert breaks























All the 40 POLICE cells within the Accra Regional Police Command have been fortified to avoid any break by inmates.

Apart from fixing Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at some of the charge offices to monitor activities and observe those who come there, the gates to the cells have all been fitted with buglar proofs and the locks to some of the cells also changed.

The metallic windows of the cells have also been worked on while the ceilings of the cells have been re-assessed to ensure that they do not have any loop holes.

The walls of the cells have also been thoroughly examined to ensure that there are not cracks to pave the way for those in custody to break out.

The Accra Regional Police Commander, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Christian Tetteh Yohuno, who briefed The Ghanaian Times said his outfit did not want to be over taken by any surprise jail break.

Within two months, 13 criminals are reported to have broken jail in four cells. Seven of them at Denu in the Volta Region, of which five have been recaptured, two at the Tepa Police Station with the latest at Asiwa and Nsuta.

DCOP Yohuno said apart from the measures put in place, armed men had also been beefed up at the charge offices to provide security to both the counter officer and other personnel on duty.

He explained that the fixing of the CCTV cameras was to ensure that they captured every activity that took place at the charge office and to check any complacency, complicity, or compromise that might take place between the officer(s) on duty and or visitors who visit the inmates.

The Regional Commander further said escort of armed personnel to the courts had also been increased to ensure that inmates, especially hardened criminals do not have the chance to escape.

DCOP Yohuno said he had also instructed the Divisional and District Commanders to ensure that their men get detailed information of those who visit the inmates and conduct thorough search in the food or package they brought by making sure that they do not contain items that could be used to facilitate escape of inmates from custody.

He commended the Mayor of Accra, Alfred Okoe Vanderpuye, for donating two CCTV cameras and urged individuals, groups and corporate organisations to support the police with such facilities.

DCOP Yohuno said his outfit would hold a meeting with all the Divisional and District Commanders today to assess their plans on how to fortify the cells, re-strategise their operations on how to combat crime within the region among others.

By Francis Asamoah Tuffour 

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