Access launches high interest bearing account

Stephen AbbanAs part of efforts to encourage more people to save, Access Bank Ghana has unveiled a new savings product known as, ‘Goal’ account.

The ‘Goal’ account is modeled with features that help individuals to save towards a specific project or item they desire to purchase. Individuals can choose to save towards their wedding, higher education, family vacation, home improvement or Hajj pilgrimage among other aspirations.

With this new account, customers can earn competitive interest rates – above industry savings rates, and also get added benefits including a free debit card, free e-banking services such as SMS/Email alerts, Internet banking (Accessonline) as well as Mobile banking (Accessmobile).

Speaking to the media on the ‘Goal’ account, the Group Head of Personal Banking, Mr. Stephen Abban, noted that Access Bank’s intention was to help people achieve their dreams, meet their aspirations and have back–up cash for any emergency.

“Our various savings products are designed to give customers the chance to meet their savings goal faster through the offer of flexible options, and at very attractive interest rates,” he said.

The unveiling of the high interest yielding ‘Goal’ account coincides with the launch of a year-long new savings drive dubbed ‘Let’s Start Saving.’

The savings drive will showcase Access Bank’s basket of a unique savings products for children, under-graduates, salaried workers, pensioners and small business owners. Through the campaign, Access Bank seeks to improve the level of savings in the economy, especially for individuals who have not taken advantage of the financial system to save towards their dreams.

Mr. Abban was optimistic that improvement in the national savings culture starting with individuals, would make more money available for investments in meaningful projects and businesses as well as help to improve Ghana’s socio-economic development.

He noted that Access Bank had gone ahead to develop a pledge form and made this available across all its branches, and on its website.

“Customers who choose to save will fillout this form by indicating their weekly or monthly savings commitments and into which accounts they want to grow their monies,” he said.

“When it comes to savings, no amount is too small. What matters is consistency and discipline to follow the habit of saving. That is why we have a variety of savings account options for people across all segments, including SME’s to choose from,” Mr. Abban said.

The ‘Let’s Start Saving’ campaign will leverage on the bank’s bouquet of products such as Early Savers, Solo Account, SME Savings, Premier or Gold Savings Accounts and the Golden Age Account.

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