Academician condemns politicisation of issues

Prof. Akilagpa SawyerrGhanaian academic and jurist, Professor Akilagpa Sawyerr,believes Ghana is on a sound track 58 years after independence, but admits several avoidable mistakes have been committed along the line.

“We have made several mistakes,” the Universities of Durham, London and Berkeley-trained lawyer, told Accra-based Joy FM

According to Prof. Sawyerr, as a “human institution, there are missteps,” and what has let Ghana down over the years is the politicisation of every issue.

“We look at things superficially and look at things with partisan lenses. Ghanaians do not do things as a united people.”

He added: “My main worry – and with this the media must also be blamed – is the tendency to trivialise” matters.

Prof. Sawyerr expressed the hope that Ghana was on track and with unity the country would achieve its set objectives.

Ghana, a former British colony turned 58 today, March 6, 2015, and President John Mahama addressed a national parade at the Independence Square amidst other social activities across the country.

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