Abudus, Andanis beat war drums in Dagbon

Elders and some chiefs of Andani family at the press conference (1)

Elders and some chiefs of Andani family at the press conference (1)

Danger is looming in Dagbon, in the Yendi municipality of the Northern Region, as the protagonists in the Dagbon chieftaincy conflict issue threats and counter threats.

Two week ago, the Abudu family of the Dagbon chieftaincy gate, vowed to use force to occupy the old Gbewaa Palace should the government and other stakeholders fail to allow them access to the palace to perform the funeral of the late Naa Mahammudu Abdulai.

On Saturday, the members of the Andani Gate also swore to prevent those from the Abudu Gate from moving into the Gbewaa Palace.

At a press conference yesterday, the Andani family stated that they would marshal all force to protect and prevent anybody or group, who would attempt to occupy the palace forcibly.

Galwei Tamalgu-Naa O. S. Mahamadu, who read the speech, at the conference, said the Andanis had suffered a lot of injustice for far too long, and they would never sit aloof and have the Abudus continue with the lawlessness.

He warned that “We have come a long way from March 2002. This time, the response of Andani family would be swift, resolute and direct, and in such a manner as to put permanent closure to the intransigent arrogance of these extremists of the Abudu family not only in Yendi but throughout Dagbon”.

The Andanis indicated their readiness to cooperate with the Abudus to perform the funeral rites of the late Naa Mahammudu Abdulai in any other place.

The Andani family, however, maintained that they would never allow the final funeral rites of Naa Mahammudu to be performed at the Gbewaa palace.    They alleged that the Abudus, on several occasions executed their threats and that this time round they were prepared to protect themselves.

The Andani family said that the security forces have failed to live up to their responsibilities as they allowed the Abudus to attack the Gbewaa palace in March 2002.

They asked government not to blame them should any violence erupt in the area for they would not allow the Abudus to continue to disturb the peace with impunity.

Meanwhile, information available to The Ghanaian Times indicates that security has been beefed up in and around the Gbewaa Palace.

A source close to the palace said the number of military and police had been increased, and patrols intensified in the Yendi town.

The outgoing Northern Regional Minister, Alhaji Limuna Mohammed Muniru, said the security personnel had been put on a high alert.

He said the Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC) was mapping out the appropriate strategies to ensure that nothing untoward happened in the region.

Alhaji Muniru called on the leaders of both gates to let calm prevail, as the Committee of the Eminent Chiefs, together with other stakeholders, try to seek solution to the impasse.

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