Abolish payment for use of national service personnel by private sector – AGI Construction Sector

The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) Construction Sector has appealed to the government to abolish payment made by the private sector for the use of national service personnel.


The current situation, it said, was making it difficult for the players in the private sector to request for the services of national service personnel and had shut the door to several service personnel who could have had the opportunity to receive hands-on training from the private sector.


Mr. Rockson Dogbegah, AGI Construction Sector Chair in an interview said there was the critical need to expand opportunities to provide hands-on training for national service personnel by the private sector.


“This is very necessary to enable them to acquire the critical skills needed by the service personnel to make them very useful and be prepared for the world of work,” he said.


Most of national service personnel, he said, graduate from the university with no practical skills, adding that the period of the national service should be seen as an internship for many of them who may be having their first experience in the work environment.


“It is evident that many of the government organisations are now overcrowded with service personnel such that many of them had to be turned away in the 2017 postings. The situation is expected to worsen with the increase in the number of students who pass out of the universities each year,” he said.


A good number of the service personnel, Mr. Dogbegah said, could have been adequately engaged by the private sector and be given the opportunity to gain some skills and competencies that would benefit them in their career development.


“In the midst of rising concerns about empowering the private sector and making Ghana an industrial country in the sub region, a conscious effort has to be made to equip our teeming youth with critical skills which the private sector can provide very effectively,” he said.


The National Service Secretariat, he said, should consider extending some of the resources it expend on service personnel who were overcrowded in some government organisations to private sector organisations to provide them with hands-on training and prepare them for the job market.


The private sector, Mr. Dogbegah said, could also be assisted by the government with some tax incentives and other recognition schemes to take on students for industrial attachments and internships.


“It should be possible to grant the private sector players that provide such opportunities to students some incentives. This way, we can be sure the private sector actors will go the extra mile in ensuring that our young ones get a place to be developed and trained before they enter the world of work,” he said.


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