Abodakpi Admonishes NDC Aspirants, Delegates

Abodakpi 2Dan Abodakpi, an aspiring National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has sent a message of solidarity to all aspiring regional executives of the party, wishing them the best in their ongoing elections.

He congratulated them on their commitment and volunteerism in offering to serve the party at the regional level, since such loyalty and dedication were necessary for the continuous growth of the great NDC party.

In his goodwill message, Mr. Abodakpi called for peaceful regional elections.

“I pray that you all go into the elections with unity and end even more united, irrespective of who wins or loses. The party must be the winner at the end of the day,” he said.

He also reminded the delegates of the need to make informed choices and vote for people who would work in the interest of the party and its members, especially the cadres, youth and women.

Mr. Abodakpi explained that because the regional level was the vital pivot around which the top level and the mass base of the party revolved, the quality of regional executives should not be compromised.

He reminded the delegates that “allowing one’s voting choice to be influenced by hand-outs from candidates, would only be detrimental to the progress of the party, since the quality of leaders cannot be guaranteed after the elections”.

He, therefore, urged all delegates to vote wisely.

The aspiring NDC National Chairman also urged the aspirants to be sincere in their utterances so as to win the confidence of the delegates.

He wished them well, and promised to work closely with all regional executives when he becomes the next National Chairman of the NDC.

He believes most of them share in his vision of reconnecting the party to its mass base, investing in the welfare of the members and working to enhance the fortunes of the party, and promised to work with them to rebuild the party.

“We have to work to save the party from the growing despondency,” he said.

By Times Reporter

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