ABL Launches ‘The New Black’ Campaign

Castle Milk Stout (CMS), on flagship brands of Accra Brewery Limited, has launched a novel campaign dubbed ‘The New Black’ as part of its efforts to keep in tune with the rising of Africa and celebrate the African Renaissance.

Castle Milk Stout, which is the very first stout to be born on the African continent, is truly African and this new campaign takes this heritage further.

The campaign will be celebrating the distinctiveness of young, talented and stylish black people who are embracing their new African identity through their contributions in the frontiers of many aspects of human endeavour.

‘The New Black’ Campaign which is in a series, is expected to celebrate Afro-optimism, that in spite of the challenges the continent brings, Africans are finding their own way through these challenges, never losing that fine balance between modernity and tradition.

Samuel Dery, Brands Manager of Castle Milk Stout stated at the launch that “CMS through ‘The New Black’ campaign is revelling in these new emerging Africans who are using individual flair, creativity and tenacity to express their unique identity.  Indeed, they have been at the forefront of the birth of the modern African brand in music, fashion and technology, to mention but a few”.

He emphasised that CMS offers a uniquely rich and smooth drinking experience that allows the consumer to stand out and enjoy the best of worlds.

“Young Africans are increasingly looking for positive alternatives and CMS provides the link between ‘The New Black’ and a compelling set of benefits to consumers,” he concluded.

Accra Brewery Limited will be taking the ‘The New Black’ campaign across urban Ghana over the coming weeks and months through a celebration of the African Renaissance through editorials and event activations.

Mr. Mikki Osei-Berko, Mr. David Oscar and Ms. Caroline Simpson, all CMS Brand Ambassadors, were at the launch to grace the occasion.

As the premier brewery in Ghana, Accra Brewery Limited has been a major player in the Ghanaian alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing industry since 1931.

The company offers a wide variety of brands and in 1999 introduced Castle Milk Stout to the Ghanaian consumer.

Castle Milk Stout is a revolutionary pan African brand existing in 13 African countries.

In Ghana CMS has brought excitement to stout patrons nationwide having enjoyed tremendous patronage over the past decade of its existence on the Ghanaian market.

CMS is noted for its less bitter taste; smooth, dark, rich and creamy nature.


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