A letter to my late pal,SIMON KWABLA Agboe

AgboeDear Simon,

I see you as an outgoing ancestor whose indisputable, verifiable, outstanding and sterling performance AT THE WORK PLACE must be celebrated to influence workers to emulate your lifestyle at the Computer Section of the Editorial Department of the New Times Corporation.

One may question the audacity with which I have made the above incontestable statement. Remember, Simon, in the history of time, you helped to elect me as the Chairman of our local branch of the Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union. And on that platform, I had the unqualified privilege, capacity and capability to monitor, evaluate and assess “the overall health” of our corporation.

Why am I addressing you as an out-going ancestor, Simon? You were called by your MAKER on Saturday, February 28, 2015, at the Ridge Hospital in Accra, after battling with a sudden illness. Your mortal remains will be interred on April 24, 2015, among your already-established ancestors at Yorkutikpo in the Volta Region, and thence you will proceed to join “the ancestral kingdom”.

To a lot of Europeans and Americans, the idea of ancestral priority has no meaning at all, but to many true African men and women, life from day-to-day and from moment-to-moment has no meaning at all apart from ancestral presence and ancestral power.

The ancestors are believed to have survived death and to be living in a spiritual world, but still taking a lively interest in the affairs of their families and friends.

Many true Africans do not debate as to whether ancestors are gods or can be prayed to or not, they know that having passed beyond the grave, the ancestors acquire new powers that may help humans and so men and women make any sort of appeal to them so that they may get succour in time of need.

So, in effect, Simon, you are on the way to “the ancestral kingdom” and some of us shall be at your grave-side to pray with you.

Indeed, Simon, in the eyes of the rank and file of the NEW TIMES workers, you were a very quiet, time-conscious, patient, loyal, committed, faithful, meticulous and a rare human specie, whose work-rate, delivery and entire performance is still an indelible testament.

It was near-impossibility for any third party to have seen any work assigned to you and classified SECRET or CONFIDENTIAL.

Leaving your computer to take your normal lunch was also, almost always hindered by your strict discipline of timeliness to deliver. As for closing late for home, it was a daily ritual.

Oftentimes, it is extremely difficult to understand the acts of the ULTIMATE REALITY, otherwise why should death invite you, my good friend, at this last hour when you had already been notified to get set to proceed on retirement and subsequently collect what was due you legitimately, as your end-of-service benefits, after all the sufferings in your daily life? Simon, is death not a wicked friend? Why should death deprive you directly from the fruits of your own labour, sweat and sufferings?

As I put pen to paper, I could see in my mind’s eye your usual facial calmness, your cool but workaholic steps, your steadfastness and punctuality to assigned duty, and your infectious trademark smile of innocence.

For me, Simon, I strongly believe that on the quiet, you really exhibited what perhaps, God assigned you to do on earth effectively at the workplace for nearly 35 good years and the evidence is there for all to appreciate.

According to all Greek philosophers, Aristotle inclusive, the final goal of all human activities was the attainment of what is good for man and the purpose of human life is not enjoyment or happiness, but the fulfillment of the dictates of reason.

Aristotle, however, singles out internal dignity and virtue as the key element of a happy and blessed life, contending that happiness comes as a result of rational and moral activity which is the virtue and proper function of man.

From Aristotle’s philosophy, Simon, even though as humans we are all imperfect, you played your part very well in the fulfillment of the dictates of reason at the workplace and lifted the dormant vision of our Corporation in your small corner with calmness, vigilance, comportment and diligence in the crucible of internal dignity.

Simon, may the ULTIMATE REALITY eternally keep your soul at peaceful rest until we are also invited to join you at the appointed time.


I am

Your friend,

George Frank Asmah

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