Some of the results of both presidential and parliamentary elections were released yesterday, with some apprehension from Ghanaians about the prolonged delay in the declaration of the final results of the 2016 polls.

In spite of the promise made by the Electoral Commission (EC) that the results would be released within 72 hours, many Ghanaians began to put pressure on the EC to release the results quickly.

The two leading contesting parties, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), through their officials have been calling the elections for their respective candidates.

This singular act by the parties has exerted a lot of pressure on the EC and created a lot of anxiety throughout the country.

The nation has since been sitting on tenterhooks, with calls from election observers for people to remain calm, as we all await the announcement of the final results.

We invite all not to forget that this is not the first time the EC is going to announce election results in 72 hours. Indeed, in 2012, and faced with similar situation, the EC announced the final results within the stipulated tie frame.

Besides, we are informed that the parties have signed an undertaking at the Inter-Party meeting for the EC to declare the results within 72 hours.

We also join the observer missions to appeal for calm as the results are collated from across the country. Perhaps, what we must all be mindful of is the fact that our democracy is robust and capable of giving us credible results.

We all must trust the EC to do it again.

After all, the contesting parties, including the independent candidate signed a declaration to accept the results of the election.

And having gone through one of the most peaceful elections since the country embarked on the democratic journey, we must all pledge to observe the peace by accepting the results.

We are intrigued that the two parties would ignore that undertaking and exert pressure on the EC to announce the results quickly.

It is natural that many would be happy, while others would obviously be disappointed. Whatever the case may turn out to be, the winner must be magnanimous and the loser must accept the results.

We must all remain calm as the EC goes through the process to once again validate the results and to announce the winner of the 2016 general elections.

The world is watching and we must prove once again that indeed we are a beacon of hope in Africa when it comes to democracy.


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