8,864 pensioners paid lump sums

The Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) has paid lump sums to 8,864 pensioners who have been affected by the National Pensions (Amendment) Act, Act 883.

The payment represents the differences which accrued to the affected pensioners, as a result of the new amendment, and the subsequent re-computation of the benefits under the PNDCL 247.

A statement signed by Victoria Abaidoo, on behalf of the Corporate Affairs Director of SSNIT, said the bank accounts of the beneficiaries had been credited with the moneys due them.

It said the Trust would continue to pay their re-computed monthly pension under the PNDCL 247, adding that the monthly pension payment from this month would reflect in the newly computed pension for the affected pensioners.

“SSNIT will also process benefits, including lump sum payment, to all members affected by the amendment, as and when they qualify”, the statement said.

By Time Reporter

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