50% Teachers Do Not Prepare Lesson Notes

DR. George Afeti, Director of National Inspectorate Board of the Ministry of Education, has lamented that about 50 per cent of teachers in the country go to school without preparing lesson notes and unable to carry out their duties effectively.

He said this, coupled with teacher absenteeism has accounted for the poor standards of education in the country.

Dr. Afeti, who made these observations in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, also said textbooks provided by the government for distribution to basic schools across the country, were not getting to the beneficiaries, due to poor nature of roads or the fact that those books were locked up in headteachers’ offices for safekeeping.

He said consequently, five pupils share four textbooks instead of a textbook each to a pupil.

Dr Afeti said the board also found that 68 per cent of basic schools did not organise School Performance Approval Meetings, and 28 per cent of schools had not been visited by circuit supervisors in a year.

He said his outfit had submitted a report on the situation to the Ministry of Education and Parliament for action.

The National Inspectorate Board is an independent body, which acts like an “external auditor” for the Ghana Education Service.

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