50 Fulani nomads depart C. Tongu

Madam Mary Ama Theodora Agbenyenu, Adidome District Chief Executive,ABOUT 50 Fulani nomads from Niger, who entered three communities in the Central Tongu Districts recently with their herds, have left, since the beginning of the ‘Operation Cow Leg’ about a week ago.

Briefing the Times in the district capital, Adidome, the District Chief Executive, Madam Mary Ama Theodora Agbenyenu, said the Fulanis who had taken sanctuary at Agorkpoe, Adidokpawu and Vudokpo, left in three separate groups with their herds numbering about 300.

“They headed towards the north, but we could not tell exactly where they were leaving for,” said the DCE.

According to her, some Fulanis had been living in the area lawfully for the past three years and had children born in Ghana, “so the operation is not targeting them”.

However, she said that they would be screened as part of the exercise to ensure that they (nomads) do not take up shelter with them.

Madam Agbenyenu described ‘Operation Cow Leg’ as very successful.

From Alberto Mario
Noretti, Adidome



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