5 on trial for murder at Lungni



There is an uneasy calm at Lungni, in the Nanumba South District of the Northern Region, following the discovery of a decomposed body identified as a Konkomba on a farm at the outskirts of the village.
Subsequently, the police arrested and are prosecuting seven suspected Bassaris in the Yendi Circuit Court.
Ubor Chamanme Tanobe, chief of Kandin in the Tatale District, whose relatives are being held as suspects, is pleading with the Konkombas to resist the temptation of reprisal attacks and allow the due process to ensure justice.
He told the Ghana News Agency that the Konkombas were of the view that the police had been influenced after the court granted bail to the suspects, although they were still being held in custody pending execution of the bail bonds.
Ubor Tanobe said the situation was critical and would require the immediate attention and action of National Security.
“At this time of the year, so close to the elections, there should be no threat to the peace.  I am, therefore, appealing to the police to intensify investigations to determine the actual perpetrators of the crime.
“The situation is being compounded by the fact that the Konkombas do not understand why the suspects should go for a lawyer to defend them,” he said.
Ubor Tanobe called on both Konkombas and Bassaris, who had lived together for ages, not to allow passion to overcome them, rather, they should let the legal process run so that the actual culprit would be found and punished accordingly.



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