5 injured in riot at athletics event

Prof Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang,Minister of Education,The 29th annual Koforidua Zonal Athletics Competition ended in a riot between Koforidua Senior High Technical School (SECTECH) and Koforidua Technical Institute (KOTECH) with more than five students sustaining injuries.

The riot erupted when students of SECTECH were handed the trophy for being the best male performing school and when they started jubilating around the stadium, the infuriated KOTECH students started throwing stones at them.

An intervention by the teachers of both schools and three police personnel on duty could not calm the situation,leading  to the injury of some students.

The incident spread to the main Koforidua-Mamfi highway, putting motorists at risk. who had to park to protect their vehicles from the flying stones.

Some students, who were terrified by the situation, had to seek shelter in some kiosks along the main road, while some forced their way into the parked cars and under the cars to avoid the stones being thrown.

By the time police reinforcement arrived at the scene,  the students had dispersed and the injured students were taken to nearby clinics at Adweso.


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