Chief:Appolonia-Gbetsile land belongs to Kpone

Nii Tettey Iddrisu Mansro(third from left) addressing the media.With him are the heads of the royal clans.The heads of the three royal clans and the chief of Appolonia have stated that the Appolonia- Gbetsile land belongs to the royal clans of the Kpone stool.

“The land in contention does not belong to the people of Gbestsile, but the three royal clans of the Kpone stool” they said, in reaction to reports of a dispute over the land.

The three royal clans are Bediako We, Kojo We and Sanshie/ Sackie We.

Speaking at a press conference at Tema, Nii Tettey Iddrisu Mansro, head of Bediako We, said “the boundary between Appolonia and Gbetsile has been at a visible point called Nogotsoato”.

He  said the boundary  was created years ago following the murder of someone there, during interrogation  and the people of Gbetsile, indicated  clearly  that  the  area was  not their property but  that of the people of Appolonia.

Nii Mansro explained that the accredited grantors had leased acres of  the land to Sino Africa Development Company Limited, and that the company  entered  the lease agreement after  it conducted all the necessary  searches with  the Lands  Commission  and the other relevant  bodies  and was  convinced  it was  dealing with the rightful grantors of the land.

“The land leased to the said company does not fall within the jurisdiction of Gbetsile,” he stated, and asked that the company be allowed to use the land for its intended purpose.

He also cautioned those who had encroached on the land to vacate it, saying legal actions would be taken against any individual or group of people who continued to unlawfully encroach on the property.

Nii Mansro advised  prospective land  buyers  to  conduct  adequate  checks at the Lands Commission  before paying  money  to anyone  posing  as a land owner.

During  a  tour  of the land, it  was  noticed that portions of the  fence  wall built to protect  the 1000 acre land  had been broken.

Mr Gabriel Foresby, Operations Manager of the Sino Africa Development Company, a subsidiary of Jospong Group, said before acquiring the land the company did its checks with the Lands Commission to ascertain the true ownership, and determined that it belonged to the people of Appolonia.

He said before 2015, the company had information that some people had encroached on portions of the land, with the aim of dissipating it to cause huge loss to the company.

According to him, the company decided to build a fence around the land to protect it, but said during the fencing, a family sprung up to claim ownership.

Mr. Foresby said the company came into agreement with the chief of Gbetsile, Nii Teye Kojo, to give out the portions of land found to belong to them, after consultations and checks.

He said on two occasions, the people agitating for the return of the lands broke portions of the fence wall and a report was lodged with the Regional Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service in Accra.

He noted that a fortnight  ago,  there were media reports that  his company had  forcefully  and illegally  taken  over  a land,   which sought to create the impression  that the  company  was being inconsiderate to the people.

Mr Foresby said they had met with all those involved and indicated to them that the company had no interest in taking over lands that did not belong to it.

By Jemima Esinam Kuatsinu      

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