‘4-yr presidential term not enough’

Rev.Lawrence Tetteh(left) being interviewed by Times reporter.Photo.Ebo Gorman (1).Founder of United Kingdom-based World Miracle Outreach, Reverend (Dr) Lawrence Tetteh has joined the fray regarding the extension of the four-year presidential term currently being practised per the Constitution in the country.
Echoing the words of Dr Samiu Kwadwo Nuamah, Member of Parliament (MP) for Kwadaso Constituency, Rev. Tetteh pointed out that the four-year term was not enough for government to implement its projected policies.

“My biggest challenge is that the four-year span for the leadership is not enough, this is Ghana, this is Africa, this is not Europe where we have all the systems and everything in place that there is continuity”, he explained in an interview.

Comparing the governance system in Europe to that of Ghana, Rev. Tetteh posited that unlike Ghana, there is hardly any change in staff at the Presidency or in Parliament in Europe or America or Asia.

He indicated that a minimum of six years would rather suffice in helping a new government fulfil its campaign projects.

“When government changes hand in Europe, in America or in Asia, the staff in the ministries do not change hands, the staff at the presidency do not change hands, the staff at the prime minister’s office do not change hands and staff at Parliament do not change hands.

“But in this part of the world we live in, everything changes, let us give our leadership six years at least to be able to formulate, settle down and put things together.
“A  new government ‘wastes’ the first two years of assuming office to settle down and put things in place, with the third year set aside for campaigning, thus, there is not enough time to implement policies,” Rev Tetteh observed. –ghanaweb.com

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