3RD Pan- African conference held in Accra

Mr Cosmas Musumali(lerft) launching the conference.Photo.Ebo Gorman

Mr Cosmas Musumali(lerft) launching the conference.Photo.Ebo Gorman

The third edition of the Pan Africanism Conference was held in Accra on Monday to honour the memory of Ghana’s first President, Osagyefo Dr  Kwame Nkrumah.

It was on the theme “unifying the struggles of the masses against capitalism and imperialism” with the aim of achieving the political, economic, intellectual and cultural unification of the continent and the diaspora.

It also sought to strengthen networking among various African organisations struggling to demand socio-economic rights.

Speaking at the ceremony, a member of the political directorate of Pan Africanism Today (PAT) Mr Cosmos Musumali, said the realisation of continental unity and socialism was a necessary condition for Africans.

He said neither pan Africanism nor socialism would succeed without the involvement of anti-imperialist and socialist political party’s like the Socialist Forum of Ghana at appropriate levels.

“We cannot sustain whatever gains we make unless we continually spread consciousness across the social movements and build pan-Africanism institutions that are directly accountable to the people and not just to the various noe-colonial governments,” he said

According to him, pan-Africanism was an important element in the struggle to end the system of institutionalised greed and imperialism, adding that defeating capitalism was the only way to create a secured and prosperous world for the children.

‘Under capitalism, social needs are only met if there is a way that the capitalist class can make profit from doing so or if they are essential to maintaining the larger status quo,” he said.

He advised Africans to identify and link up pan-African political and social movements across the continent and begin to create synergies.

Mr  Musumali   said there was the need to create  synergies that could sustain  African  political  and social  movements  across the  continent, through discussing  the policies, strategies and tactics for  renewed continental unity.

By Benedicta Gyimaah Folley and Sonia Amade

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