Some parts of the Ho municipality flooded during a heavy downpour which lasted for about one and half hours on Saturday evening.

It took vehicles plying the Ho-Denu main road hours to cross a bridge due to the flooding of the Alale stream that passes under it.

The situation resulted in a long queue of vehicles which were compelled to wait because they did not want to take the risk of crossing the bridge.

The Regional Co-ordinator of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), Mr Miles Bakar, in an interview, said the problem was due to the throwing of garbage by some residents into the stream.

He explained that the Alale stream, joined by other smaller streams, overflowed its banks during the rainy season, and advised people to stop throwing garbage into the stream.

He said the only solution to the problem now was for the Ho Municipal Assembly to dredge the stream as early as possible, to avoid the recurrence of such a situation.

He called on the assembly to enforce its bye-laws and punish people who threw garbage indiscriminately in the municipality.

From Kafui Gati, Ho



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