350 Pupils Crammed Into 5 Classrooms

pupilPARENTS have been advised to send their wards to school instead of allowing them to loiter during farming seasons.

PASTOR Samuel Wiredu, of the Kpassa Apostolic church, in the Northern Region, who made the call, urged benevolent organisations like NGOs to also provide the needed infrastructure to enable more idle children to enrol in school.

Pastor Wiredu, who is the proprietor of the Best Preparatory School at Kpassa, told newsmen that, he founded the school three years ago as a humanitarian gesture to provide for the educational needs of the children.

He said the children, of poor parents, were made to pay only a token of the salaries of the eight teachers handling them.

Pastor Wiredu said it was a pity to see the over 350 children, crowded into five open sheds that served as classrooms for them and he would need assistance to provide more classrooms.

He said since some of the children were orphans, he had to feed them from his own pocket.

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