34 students graduate from Grace Hill School

Mrs Beatrice Anamuah-Mensah(middle)being assited by other dignitaries to cut the cake

Mrs Beatrice Anamuah-Mensah(middle)being assited by other dignitaries to cut the cake

Thirty-four students of Grace Hill School of Technology (GHIST), graduated after a six- month intensive training course in Vocational programmes at Ankaful, in the Central Region, at the weekend.

It was under the theme: “Fostering Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship through TVET.”

Addressing the students Ms Comfort Katumi Madah, former Head, Home Economics Department, UEW, said, the new world economy requires innovation, training, reinventing in vocational education and entrepreneurship training that would significantly favour the youth.

She said, the entrepreneurship skills could help the youth acquire the mindset and know-how necessary for self employment or viable career options.

Ms Madah expressed the hope that the government’s free secondary education policy due in September, 2017, would embrace all the TVET programmes in order to increase the employability of individuals who would work for the benefit of the communities and sustainability in general.

Ms Madah said the TVET must be the master key that can alleviate poverty, promote peace, conserve the environment, improve the quality of life for all and help achieve sustainable development.

She said, entrepreneurship education and TVET should be the main cornerstone of the country, and while entrepreneurship education promote innovation and self-reliance of learners; TVET should continue to play a major role in increasing the employability of students and trainees, in empowering them with relevant skills  needed for the labour market.

Ms Madah who is now the Acting Director of Basic Schools, UEW, called on government to embark on reorientation of the education curriculum and pedagogical approaches, so as to ensure acquisition of skills and knowledge that reflect the spirit and principles of entrepreneurship.
She said, the development of relevant skills is an important instrument for improving productivity and working conditions, and the promotion of decent work in the informal economy, which represents the major employer in the country.

In her welcome address, Mrs Beatrice Anamuah-Mensah, Principal of the college said, the college had instituted special awards prizes including the Professor Kwesi Andam award, for best student in English, best student in ICT by EPP Books, best in selfless and devotion to work by Prof. Jophus Anamuah-Mensah to the students who excel academically.

She said, employers today were interested in employing graduants with skills, competencies and entrepreneurial abilities, which promotes progress and wealth.

According to her, food preparation is science and such preparation should follow scientific principles and not done anyhow, and that was why GHIST was established to provide training on the best methods of preparing food.

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