32 arrested with 810 kg narcotic substances

YawAkrasi Sarpong, Narcotic Executive Secretary

YawAkrasi Sarpong, Narcotic Executive Secretary

Thirty-one males and a female were last year arrested with 810.26 kilogrammes of narcotics substance including cocaine.

Twenty-one of the cases have been and dealt with, the other remaining pending.

An annual report of the Narcotics Control Board copied The Ghanaian Times gave the breakdown of illicit drugs intercepted as cannabis,185. 40kg, cocaine, 22.501kg, heroine16.90kg meth-amphetamine, 7.671kg and spee-dball 5,90 kg,

Speedball, according to the Board, is a combination of cocaine and heroine moulded in the form of “a rice ball”.

The report had it that 16 of those arrested were Nigerians, 12 Ghanaians and one each from Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso,Spa-in, and the United Kingdom.

It noted that the Kotoka International Airport recorded 108.844kg of the drug seizure while a total of 91.844kg was intercepted at the Aflao Border.

The report said a total of 81.037kg of the drugs were destined for the United Kingdom, 1.0 kg , for Germany, 1,106kg, for Spain, 1.127 for France, 2.9-69kg for Italy, 1.906kg for Amsterdam and 19.499kg for other countries.

According to the report, the year also witnessed the deportation of 13 drug convicts to their home countries after serving their various prison terms.

It said between January and June, this year, 23 arrests involving 21 males and two females, were made and a total of 760.64kg of illicit drugs seized.

The number was made up of 13 Ghanaians, eight Nigerians and two Ugandans.

Of the illicit drugs seized 82.29kg was heroine, 8.79kg cocaine, 5.66kg and 1.3kg speedball.

By Francis Asamoah Tuffour

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