3 killed in clash at Agogo

Three people, two of whom are believed to be Fulani herds-men, and a Kokomba man, died in gun battles at Asante Akyem  Agogo in the Ashanti Region on Tuesday.

The police have described the incident as a  possible reprisal attack.

According to police sources, the incident happened between Akokoninter and Kyekyerebon communities, located on the border of Agogo and Kumawu.

Konongo Divisional Police Commander, Superintendent Ohene Boadi Bossman, who confirmed the incident to The Ghanaian Times here, said he was informed that a fight might have ensued between the two Fulani herdsmen, on one side, and the Kokomba man on the other. One of the deceased was identified as Abdul Latif, about 23 years of age.

Although the police could not readily give the identities of the other victims, Superintendent Bossman claimed that the Fulani herdsmen died on the spot, while the Kokomba man escaped from the scene  but died on his way to the Agogo Hospital, as he was being conveyed by neighbours.

“We suspect that the Kokomba man first shot and killed one Fulani man after which another Fulani man emerged to engage him in a gun battle. They also shot at each other”.

There has been an age old battle between normadic Fulani Herdsmen and residents of Agogo and in the latest incident, some people believe could have been  an attack on an indigene but suspect the police of telling a different story to save their faces.

However, a youth leader, Isaac Buabeng, countered the police commander’s statement.

He told the Times that it was rather a Fulani man who killed two residents of the town.

He said they had information that a Fulani herdsman had murdered a farmer in cold blood as he returned from a funeral.

That, he said, angered some residents who stormed the forests only for one of them to be gunned  down by another Fulani herdsman, who they could not trace in the bush.

 From Kingsley E. Hope & Gideon Botwe, Kumasi

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