3 Ghanaians suffer another armed robbery attack in South Africa

Barely 24 hours after the wife of the Ghanaian Marshal of the Pan-African Parliament was robbed, three Ghanaians attending the 7th Africa Population Conference here in Pretoria, South Africa, have also fallen victim of armed robbery attack.

They were held hostage and robbed of their belongings, including money and personal effects at gun point as they were being dropped off at their hotel in Pretoria by a shuttle bus on Sunday.

The names of the three were not given but a source told The Ghanaian Times here that one of them is a professor teaching at the University of Cape Coast who is billed to present papers at the conference.

The Ghanaian Times eaves-dropped on one of the victims giving account of his ordeal at the hands of the armed robbers to his colleagues here, but  refused to make further comments when this reporter approached him at the Saint George Hotel.

He gave the reason that his family back home had not been informed and it would look improper for them to read it in the newspapers.

According to reliable sources, the hotel management came to their aid by buying some clothing for them to wear and attend the conference, as they had all their things robbed.

“I went to bed naked on Sunday as all my things have been robbed,” The Ghanaian Times heard from one of the victims as he narrated his ordeal.

The armed robbery has sent shivers down the spines of the Ghanaian delegates and brought to the fore the issue of safety for visitors in South Africa.

The wife of the Marshal of the Pan-Africa Parliament in South Africa, Mrs Kenneth Akibate was trailed from a bank at Sandridge Shopping Centre and robbed at gun point at Midrand just as she entered her home.

From Salifu Abdul-Rahaman,Pretoria

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