3 Firms Contest $0.39m Charter Fee

The Chief Executive Officer Of Mt. Sol Lueshing, Nigeria, Prince Adeleke Oyinlola Yesterday Told The Financial Division Court That He Was Entitled To The Charter Fee, Because His Company Loaded Fuel Oil From Nigeria And Discharged It In Ghana.

He Disagreed With Assertions By Officials Of Economic And Organised Crime Office (Eoco) And Sol Lueshing, United Kingdom (Uk) That He Was Not Entitled To A Charter Fee, Because He Never Transported And Discharged The Product In The Country.

Mr. Oyinlola Was Testifying In The Case Of  Three Companies Contesting The Ownership Of 391,250 Dollars Paid Into The Coffers Of The Judiciary Service By Ut Bank.

Auxesia Energy Limited, Sol Lueshing, Nigeria And Sol Lueshing, Uk Are Each Laying Claim To The Money.

Sol Lueshing, Nigeria Is Claiming That Its Vessel Was Used By Auxesia Energy Limited’s Client, Earth Petroleum To Cart Low Pour Fuel Oil (Lpfo) From Nigeria To Ghana.

Based On That, The Company Is Demanding That The Money Be Paid To It. But Sol Lueshing, Uk Is Insisting That The Vessel Does Not Belong To Sol Lueshing, Nigeria And Even Gone Ahead To Accuse Sol Lueshing, Nigeria Of Stealing The Vessel.

Auxesia Energy Limited, On The Other Hand, Is Claiming That It Did Not Transact Business With The Two Companies, And  Praying The Court To Order The Return Of The Money Into Its Account.

Led In Evidence By His Counsel, James Abiaduka, Witness Insisted That He Transacted Business With The Two Companies In 2011 And Had Been In The Business Since 2007.

Mr. Oyinlola Prayed The Court To Take A Firm Decision And Determine Whether Or Not He Was Entitled To The Money.

Witness Said On April 5, 2014, While In Nigeria, He Contacted Madam Faith Odulu, Managing Director Of Auxesia Energy, About Circumstances Leading To The Arrest Of His Crew In Ghana But Denied Any Knowledge And Involvement.

He Said He Arrived In Ghana To Discontinue The Discharge Of The Product And Ordered The Vessel To Leave The Shores Of Ghana For Cotonou But Later Hired The Services Of A Lawyer To Defend His Crew With Assistance From Madam Odulu.

Mr. Oyinlola Said The Crew Were Acquitted And Discharged And All Orders Vacated On A Case Of Stealing A Vessel.

When The Witness Attempted To Tender A Document Indicating Payments Made To The Lawyer, Counsel For Auxesia Energy Limited, Godfried Yeboah Dame, Objected Arguing That It Was Irrelevant To The Case.

Counsel For Sol Lueshing, Uk, Dubik Alhassan Mahama, Associated Himself With The Mr. Dame.

However, Mr. Abiaduka Maintained That It Was Relevant, Since It Was In Relation To The Payment Of The 391,250 Dollars.

The Fast Track High Court, Presided Over By Justice John Ajet-Nassam, Admitted The Document In Evidence.

Mr. Oyinlola Said After A Series Of Meetings With Madam Odulu He Discharged The Product But On May 1, 2013, One Of His Crew Members Called Him In Nigeria To Inform Him That A Businessman, Christopher Isibor, Had Gone To Ut Bank And Applied For The Cheque Claiming It Belonged To Him.

Witness Said A Court Order Was Served On The Bank And It Retrieved The Cheque And Later Informed Madam Odulu That Without Paying The Charter Fee Of 420,000 Dollars, He Would No Longer Discharge The Product.

He Said Madam Odulu Told Him That She Had Not Signed Any Charter Fee Agreement With Him.

When Witness Attempted To Tender The Transaction Document Between His Company And Auxesia Energy Limited, Counsel For Auxesia, Mr. Dame Objected Contending That It Was Not The Document But The Court Overruled The Objection.

Mr. Oyinlola Said His Vessel, Which Was Managed By First Over Commerce Limited, Was Charted By Two Nigerian Companies, Spiral Oil And Gas And Grandfather Oil And Gas Limited Belonging To Mr. Isibor.   By Winston Tamakloe


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