23 pick forms at Ashanti Region for Council of State polls

A total of 23 candidates in the Ashanti Region have picked nomination papers to file for election to the Council of State.
Serebour Quaicoe, Regional Director of the Electoral Commission (EC), disclosed that three of them had already filed their nomination.
The rest have up to today to submit their forms.
The EC has fixed next Thursday, February 9, as the day for the election and a body of electors – two from each of the 33 districts would be voting to decide who represents the region on the Council.
Mr. Quaicoe put the age of the oldest contestant at 92 and that of the reverse 21.

The Council among other functions has a duty to advise the President or any other authority in respect of any appointment, required by the constitution.
It may also upon request or on its own initiative, consider and make recommendations on any matter being considered or dealt with by the President, a minister of state, parliament or any other authority.


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