2 Lynched At Ashaiman

Two men have been lynched at separate locations within a week in the Ashaiman Municipality for allegedly robbing some members of the community.

The first, identified only as Romeo, was killed by a mob at Ashaiman Newtown last Monday while the second, known as Eric Odai, 21, was found dead on Saturday morning at Taifa, also in Ashaiman.

When the Ashaiman Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent David Eklu, was contacted on the issue, he said that both cases have been reported to the police and investigations had commenced.

He said no arrests had been made yet.

He condemned the act of citizens taking the law into their own hands and meting out instant justice on suspects, describing it as unacceptable.

He explained that if drastic measures were not taken to address the development it “could create law enforcement challenges for the police”.

Chief Superintendent Eklu said mob justice was counterproductive adding that “when a person is lynched it makes it difficult for the police to trace the movement of his or her colleagues and their network”.

He said another danger of the practice was that some innocent persons could become victims of such actions with a high tendency for others to tag their opponents as criminals for vengeance even if differences between such people were not crime related.

He revealed that over the years the police had observed that lynching of persons leads to uneasiness and created unnecessary tension among residents and called on the public to try as much as possible to either arrest such suspects and hand them over to the law enforcement agencies or call the police to do so.  From: Dzifa Emma Tetteh, Ashaiman

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