2 Krachi Districts free of crime

TWO Districts in the Volta Region — Krachi West and Krachi Nchumuru, have not recorded a single case of crime over the past three months.

As a result, the police cells in the two districts are empty.

“We have made no arrests, because law and order prevail in these areas,” disclosed Deputy Superintendent (DSP) Teye Matey, the Commander of the two districts.

He said that the serene state of affairs was the result of effective day and night patrols by the police who are sometimes joined by the military.

Besides, Mr. Matey said the people of the various communities are very vigilant, and always ready to volunteer information to the police on suspicious characters or anything unusual.

“The collaboration of the people with the police is helping us very much to keep crime under check and we hope other communities will emulate them”, stressed the Commander.

From Alberto Mario Noretti,Kete-Krachi

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