2 die, 4 hospitalised after puffer fish meal

Two people who consumed puffer fish died at the Presbyterian Hospital at Kwahu Afram Plains District, in the Eastern region.

Four other persons, Gracious Tagbolu, Peace Agbobli, Kofi Opare and Agbobli Kofi are also on admission at the facility for eating the fish.

Eyewitness said four cats belonging also died instantly after consuming the fish.

The deceased, 48-year-old Forgive Tagbolu, and Veronica Agbobli, 71, died on their way to the hospital after complaining of stomach upset.

A member of the family the deceased, Kofi Agbobli, who confirmed the death, said the victims bought the fish from the market at Donkorkrom, and “they complained of a severe headache and stomach upset few minutes after eating the fish, so we had to rush them to hospital, but unfortunately they died on the way.”

Medical Superintendent at the hospital, Dr. Zimblim Kasule, said the four people on admission were responding to treatment.

Meanwhile health authorities had recommended that the bodies of Tagbolu and Veronica were transferred to the Police Hospital in Accra, for autopsy.

Kofi Agbobli, however, said the family did not have money for autopsy.

In January this year, a similar incident occurred at Kpando in the Volta region, where one person died and six others were hospitalised after consuming the puffer fish.

Four persons also died in August, last year, at Alavanyo in the Volta region, and others were hospitalized after consuming puffer fish.

The puffer fish is a highly contagious sea fish, It contains tetrodotoxin, a substance that makes them foul tasting, and often lethal to its predators, including human.

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