2 demo leaders collapse

1The two leaders of a group calling itself ‘Concerned Residents of Ho’, protesting over the bad road network in the municipality, callapsed while presenting their petition to the authorities.

After demonstrating through the streets of the municipality, the group, numbering about 25, gathered at the premises of the Regional Co-ordinating Council (RCC).

Their spokesman, Mawuli Dzetror, started reading the petition to the Regional Co-ordinating Director, Ibrahim Alhassan, but suddenly, he stopped and tumbled over onto the stairs, unconscious.

Amid shouts and screaming, the members tried to revive him by first aid, some poured cold water on him and after a while, he regained consciousness and was rushed to the Ho Municipal Hospital for further medical attention.

A member of the group took over and read the petition.

Seconds after the group’s leader, Vincent Torgo-gormemakpa Hodoli, stepped forward and presented it to the Co-ordinating Director, he too fell onto the stairs, unconscious.

This time, the members wasted no time; some members quickly carried him off to the hospital, while the rest prayed fervently for their safety.

They were treated and later discharged from hospital. The doctors said they suffered from extreme stress.

The bizarre incidents left many onlookers with more questions than answers, as the two men had been seen earlier, leading the group in singing Asafo songs with great zeal and enthusiasm.

In their petition, the group urged the government to take pragmatic steps to improve the Ho township roads and link roads, including the Adaklu portion of the Sogakofe-Adidome-Ho, Ziavi-Tsyome-Anfoeta, Volta Barracks-Hodzo-Tokokoe and Klave-Honuta Border-Kpedze roads, among others.

The Regional Minister, Madam Helen Ntoso, and her Deputy, Mr. Francis Ganyaglo, were both away on official duties at the time.

Receiving the petition, Mr. Ibrahim Alhassan, thanked the group for carrying out the demonstration in a peaceful manner.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Ho

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