2 Antoa Nyama chiefs grabbed

Antoa ornaments

Antoa ornaments

Drama unfolded at Antoa Nyama in the Kwabre District of Ashanti on Wednesday, when the police swooped in and arrested two chiefs at a church crusade, after the pastor claimed they stole the gold ornaments and other valuables reported missing from the “strong room” of the local deity last November.

Prophet Bishop Buah Aboagye, founder of Unification Church International (New Truth), announced to the gathering that he had a revelation that Nana Agyenim Boateng, Gyaasehene, and Nana Kese, Kondwasuafohene, were those who stole the ornaments from the “strong room” of the Antoa Nyama shrine.

He dropped the bombshell in the presence of some leaders from the shrine who were invited to the crusade.

Nana Boateng and Nana Kese, who were among the chiefs present, were quickly arrested by the police, but some youth of the area protested and attempted to attack them, while others threw stones at the church members.

The police responded by firing warning shots to disperse the youth, and then whisked the two chiefs away, while some provided security at the crusade to prevent a possible blood bath.

A source close to the Kenyase Police told The Ghanaian Times that the statements of the two chiefs were taken and they were granted police enquiry bail to assist in investigations.

Eye-witnesses said immediately after mentioning the names of the chiefs, Prophet Aboagye, also the chief of Ankruagin in the Western Region, was carried shoulder high by some of the residents of Antoa Nyama but others attempted to attack him.

Prophet Aboagye later told The Ghanaian Times on phone, that he got a revelation from God that the two chiefs stole the ornaments.

He said that before the crusade, he told the custodians of the “strong room” of the deity about the revelation.

“As I am talking to you, I am at the Kenyasi Police Station at the invitation of the District Police Commander in connection with the arrest of the two chiefs, and I am saying that they stole the ornaments,” he stated.

Prophet Aboagye said he wanted to hold a three-day crusade, but he could not do so on Monday and Tuesday because of power outage and a downpour, adding that on  Wednesday, he started the service at 7pm and at 10pm he mentioned the names of the two chiefs.

It is recalled that on November 26 and 27, last year. The Ghanaian Times published reports about the theft of the gold ornaments from the “strong room” of the deity.

The theft was said to have taken place on November 17, but the custodians were tight-lipped until The Ghanaian Times broke the news.

Barely 24 hours after The Ghanaian Times broke the news, a 15-member entourage from the shrine, dressed in black traditional mourning cloth, signifying that the theft was a big blow to them, called on the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, to officially inform him.

At the meeting, the chief custodian of the “strong room” of the deity threatened to invoke the powers of the deity to bring the alleged thieves to book.

Mention of Antoa Nyama invokes fear in some people, as the deity is used to invoke curses on offenders.

Everyone near Kenyasi in the Kwabre District of Ashanti, fear the deity and a number of people, some from abroad, visit there to seek spiritual favours and solve personal problems.

From Kingsley E. Hope, Kumasi       

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