1st National Out-Doors Mobile Banking Vans

1st National PixOne of the fastest growing financial institutions in the country, 1st National yesterday out-doored its mobile banking vans at its headquarters atAsylum Down in Accra.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 1st National, Mr. Patrick Anumel explained at the launch that the move is to practically demonstrate the vision of the company, which is partly “to be a truly national bank for the ordinary person”.

“Like other products we have rolled out in the past months, the mobile banking vans are going to be used for the purpose of actualising the vision of 1st National. The concept of mobile banking or branchless banking is hereby practicalised by the use of these vans,” he stated.

According to the CEO, statistics available show that 70-80 per cent of Ghanaians are unbanked, adding that most of these people live in the rural and suburban areas.

Against this backdrop, he stressed that the introduction of the mobile banking through the use of the vans will make it possible for his outfit to serve the unbanked population at their doorsteps.

The vans, Mr. Anumel further disclosed, use an electronic device known as the mobile Point of Sale (mPOS).

“It is significant to note that 1st  National was the first financial institution to adopt the concept of field cashiers, whom we now call mobile bankers. These are 1st National staff who go round, assisting people to deposit their monies into their various accounts with the use of mPOS.

He went on to state that the mobile banking vans will make banking for “our customers more convenient, safe, secured and reliable”.

“You don’t need to stop whatever you are doing and walk or drive to the banking hall. We shall drive the banking hall to you through these vans,” the CEO said.

On some of the services of the mobile banking vans, Mr. Anumel disclosed that it will allow for withdrawals from accounts and deposit into accounts.

The other services are transfer from one account to another in 1st National and transfer of funds from one person to another in 1st National, he added.

Mr. Anumel also seized the opportunity to urge Ghanaians to open account with 1st National and enjoy the benefits of First National Fast Cash among other products.

A senior staff of 1st National, Mr. Silas Antwi, demonstrated how withdrawal and deposit transactions could be carried on the company’s mPoS through its mobile banking vans.

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