17 commercial sex workers grabbed

The suspectsSeventeen alleged commercial sex workers, including 11 nursing mothers, and nine males who solicited their services, have been apprehended by the Nima Divisional Police Command, at Kwame Nkrumah Circle, in Accra.

The suspects are between the ages of 15 to 35 years, and the nursing mothers, according to reports, have hired the services of an old woman, who takes care of their children, while they engage in the trade.

The old woman who escaped arrest during the raid, according to the suspected commercial sex workers, charged GHC5 per child for a night.

The Nima Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Abraham Acquaye, said the police stormed their brothel, a wooden structure erected on the railway line area, at Nkrumah circle, around 9pm.

According to him, some of the prostitutes were caught having sexual intercourse with their clients.

Chief Supt. Acquaye said the males prevent the police from arresting the commercial sex workers, by hurling stones at the operational team.

He said “the males’ were throwing stones at us, so we had to fire a warning shot before the arrest was made”.

Chief Supt Acquaye said the women have been charged with soliciting for immoral purpose, while the male counterparts were charged for obstruction of lawful duty and abetment of crime.
By Agnes Opoku Sarpong


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