Chieftaincy as we all know it is one of the few national institutions revered in Ghana since nationhood. In fact, chieftaincy is so important that the framers of the country’s constitution deemed it a necessity and insulated it from indulging in partisan political party activities since 1992 when the Constitution was promulgated.

This constitution, despite what many termed as imperfection or shortfall, has guided our rulers, especially political leaders to sail Ghana on the sea of partisan political party activities for nearly three decades now.

Thank God, chieftaincy unlike political party activity is not run on partisan lines. It is revered and regarded as the embodiment of all our cultural customary and traditional norms as a people.

From the North-Paga to the South Cape Three Points, Nyive in the Eastern of the Volta Region border to Oseikojo Krom in the Western North Region, chieftaincy is an inheritance by blood, whether maternal or paternal from every part of the country.

Strangely and wrongly in recent times we hear of people craving and portraying themselves in borrowed apparels as chiefs when in actual fact such people are not near stools they claim ownership of: all because of the numerous indiscipline and gapping corruption which tear the institution apart.

Of all our behavioral excesses in society, the most dangerous is “chieftaincy-piracy” which has become common in some parts of Ghana, especially Greater Accra and Central regions.

Because of these pirates, many chieftancy cases are before the law courts. A classic example is the Gomoa-Fetteh case which has been in court for two decades, in the Central Region and has claimed many human lives. It is in fact, a national security nightmare which must not be toyed with because of its volatility now.

This chieftency piracy must not be countenanced let alone be allowed to blossom in this constitutional time of nationhood. Sadly, the activities of these charlatans have given birth to land guards and criminals who continue to terrorise citizen in the troubled areas.

As has been the case, paramountcies in traditional ruling are created by government and chiefs are the custodians of land traditionally, and not landguards and rogues who have no respect for customs and tradition.

Again, traditional and even the secular laws of the country forbid such situations and behaviour as it could cause conflicts and violence which could lead to bloodbath if care is not taken to curtail the excesses.

Chieftaincy-piracy is a criminal activity perpetuated by most people because of naked corruption, bribery, cronyism, gangsterism and worse of all almighty political manipulation by irresponsible individuals in the society to amass wealth to satisfy their greed. Our country Ghana is not a jungle where only the fittest in terms of money to bribe, and manipulate survives. We live by the rule of law.

We add our voice to the numerous calls for the security agencies to step up their game to stop the charlatans before they throw the country into chaos.

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