Tatale Paramount Chief commends Ya-Na

Obore Gariba Yonkosor II, Paramount Chief of Tatale, has commended the Ya-Na Mahama Abukari II for suspending the enskinment of the Kuyule Chief in the Tatale traditional area for the two royal families.

That, he said, would enable them to go back to Kuyule and select one person of their choice from the royal family for enskinment, since there was tension about the enskinment.

He made the commendation when he briefed his chiefs about the problem, in his palace at Tatale.

Obore Yonkonsor II said Tatale traditional area received two peace awards in the region and they would not like anything to disturb the peace they were enjoying.

According to him, Ya-Na Abukari II reminded them about the conflict in Chereponi and warned the two royal families not to take the law into their own hands and create any conflict in the Tatale traditional area.

He indicated that Ya-Na said any of them who violated the directive would be picked by the security to face the law.

He indicated that Ya-Na asked them to select one person from the two gates for enskinment, but they could not do so for more than eight meetings at Kuyule and his palace.

He appealed to the government to beef up security in the Tatale/Sanguli District to monitor the Tatale – Togo-Nachemba border near Tatale.

In another development, Obore Yonkosor called on Muslims to pray for the government to move the country forward in peace, unity and development.

He said without peace and unity the government could only do a little in its efforts to move the country forward.

He said after completing their 30 days of fasting, they should always remember the conflict areas, especially Chereponi and Saboba in their prayers for them to smoke the peace pipe.

He urged chiefs, Muslims, Christians and the entire people in the area to be vigilant at all times and report any suspicious characters that enter into their communities to the security agencies.

He said since the Tatale/Sanguli District was a border district, it was important for them to remain vigilant in their mosques, churches, market places and farms to avoid disaster in the district. GNA

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